Who We Are

B&F Capital Markets provides banks with a fully operational, professionally staffed client interest rate risk management group without the significant capital investment and learning curve traditionally associated with starting such a group. Banks that partner with B&F Capital Markets are able to quickly develop successful and profitable interest rate swap capabilities. Founded in 2003 in Cleveland, B&F now has eight offices located across the U.S. Our team is comprised of 28 professionals dedicated to managing a successful product line for our client banks. All our programs are overseen by our two Principals who together have more than 50 years of industry experience. Learn more...

What We Provide

A strategic partnership with B&F Capital Markets provides banks with the benefits of specialized experience from our seasoned team of professionals. B&F has unmatched experience at developing client interest rate risk management programs and operates under proven methodologies that get results. B&F also utilizes state of the art technology ensuring that all operational and reporting requirements are met. Learn more...


The B&F Story

Meet the talented people of B&F Capital, and learn why we are a trusted strategic partner for more than 40 banks nationwide.

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